As of January 2017, I've partnered up with and Amazon Associates as an affiliate representative for both products and services currently offered throughout their marketplace.

A good chunk of the investments I make towards the continued growth of my brand and business (Camera Equipment, Editing Software, Office Supplies, etc.) come through purchases I've made through the Amazon marketplace.  

From time to time, I may make reference via an affiliate link ( gives a great explanation of its definition and usage here) to products I've included in my blog post entries, that I personally use, endorse and stand behind fully, for my business that are openly available for purchase on the Amazon Marketplace, highlighting and referencing several tools and/or devices that I either currently use or have in the past used for helping to grow, optimize, maintaining and sustain my business. 

In the interest of providing complete transparency, I will always disclose to you in my entries any and all reference to my partnered affiliation with Amazon, should any affiliate links be used.

I will NEVER promote to you a product or service that I do not believe in.

As an affiliate representative with and Amazon Associates, for every purchase made on Amazon through an affiliate link I've included in my entries, I do receive a small percentage commission on any and all final orders placed for my efforts.

Please note that my primary focus is, and will always be, with the continued growth and promotion of my E-commerce brand and business here at Nature | City Co. through my home decor line, and not to sell you on snake oil or the fountain of youth. 

I hope that if you've come to any of my blog post articles for a more informed purchasing decision in your search, and feel that the information that I've provided to you, in the end, offers a more complete and conclusive role in finalizing your decision-making process, that you will feel confident in using the affiliate link provided to make your final purchase.

Thank you so much! :)