Sunday Lounge Space

If you're thinking about having a lounge space makeover party for the weekend, this room inspo mood board mockup may just have you covered!

With school out for the summer and plenty of chill days to look forward to, it's important to have a space for just hanging out in, especially in the company of friends and guests!

So I've been thinking a lot about my new Lounge Room additions to the shop, and feel that this season is a perfect time for helping to spread the word about relaxation, especially in the comforts of your home!

Beach Simple Vibes

Beach simple vibes for your bedroom settings, your sleep atmosphere spaces should not only look relaxing, but be inspiring at the same time!

I think of water as a soothing element, so I've put together this room inspo mood board mockup of a subtle look for your coastal home bed and interior settings, seen here below

Driftwood and Turquoise

Happy Friday!

I'm ending this week with turquoise inspirations!

A color I get mesmerized by from simply just living here along the coast of Florida, I feel it only fitting to present a room inspired idea board, fueled by the sights of ombre styled tropical waters, with beach findings of sand colored wood and smoothed down glass throughout!

If you're going to make your living room the place to hang, this room inspo mockup is where I think you should start!

Surf Simply

Without going overboard on findings and accent pieces for your sleep settings, a simple approach to adding a bit of surf to your beach style bedroom interiors can come from adding a botanical touch of fronds here and there!

When I think of the beach, palm trees are a great place I like to start!

Wash Your Hands

Adding water elements to your interior bathroom settings makes for a stylish way to bring the coastal life to your home, by adding nautical accents throughout!

To add, infusing your bath setting with natural elements gives it that earthy feel as well!

In this room inspo mood board collection, we gathered some bath essentials to help tie in the look

The Surfer's Lounge

Imagining a surf style lounge interior setting for your home doesn't have to be too overly thought out!

By implementing aspects of the beach life, it can help to tie in the look. 

Think of earthly elements to incorporate, for example, found objects during strolls along the coastal shorelines, such as wood, sand, stone and water; or at the very least, aspects of these objects in spirit!

Game Night

Been on a Zelda kick lately, with revisiting The Wind Waker series from Nintendo.

This game streamlines the feel for my beach surf decor brand, with it's expansive open world of island hopping to explore.

So much adventure packed in to this Gamecube/WiiU game that it inspired me to create a lounge themed mood board, featuring some beach style finds for setting up a stylish game room with, as seen below.

Thoughts About Summer

If you need an excuse to spend a gorgeous Spring day outside, you need look no further than our stylized mood board of outdoor & patio findings!

Pool or no pool, your backyard settings should be a sanctuary for exterior retreat, and we've gathered together here some complimenting pieces to help create look while gearing up for the Summer break!

Let's Hang

Reminds me of my first apartment, with statement pieces a little mismatched, but at the same time cohesive and personal!

Using our Wild Palms Fleece Blanket as a starting point, we wanted to go botanical without adding actual plants to the setting, while also gathering some simple and solid colored pieces to help tie the collection together in to a chill pad type of living room space and setting, with rich and bold colors to give off a beach vibe feel!

Subtle Coasts

For this first entry, we looked to incorporate a coastal style living space that would infuse a calming sense to your interior settings, by complimenting our findings with two pieces from our Throw Pillows collection, with subtle earthly tones found in a color palette in nature.

We wanted to start things off for this series with colors for this initial post inherent to those found along both the coast line of a sea or lake, such as sand, stone and wood.