Beach Simple Vibes

Beach simple vibes for your bedroom settings, your sleep atmosphere spaces should not only look relaxing, but be inspiring at the same time!

I think of water as a soothing element, so I've put together this room inspo mood board mockup of a subtle look for your coastal home bed and interior settings, seen here below:

Centered around my Salt Waters Fleece Blanket, a few additional furnishing pieces to help create the look of a minimalist style bungalow bedroom pad!

Some wicker and rattan style accents can be seen in this look, such as the rounded nook corner reading chair, standing lamp and ceiling fan.

Add some tropical touch to the look with a botanical accent pillow and potted palms plant, to bring a bit of nature in to the setting.

Of course, no bedroom is complete without a bed; so to stay with a simple look, a clean lined geometric all gray bed frame with built-in headboard, and voila!

Throw the Fleece Blanket over the ends to enhance the look, and Beach Simple Vibes take shape!

And of course, my fleece blanket used to help create the look, seen here below:

Would you go for a beach simple vibes look to your bedroom settings with elements of water, palms or both? What other furnishing accent would you include or exchange to help create your perfect coastal style bedroom settings with?