Caribbean Blue Bathroom

Let's talk about your home sanctuary space for a moment!

The bathroom: your personal hideaway.

A meditation ground for you to reset, recharge and refresh!

Alone time.

A privacy space for daily reflection as you gather up your thoughts, proactively planning for any and all future endeavors.

Your home sanctuary should, at the very least, inspire and motivate your senses, colored up with inspiration and a nod to the things daily escape brings to you.

In our case, it's the gorgeous turquoise blue ocean waters of the Caribbean; and in the case of this board, our Grand Cayman Waters Shower Curtain!

A touch of sand and wood to compliment our shower curtain focal point, we've gathered some beach inspired colors with the inclusion of glass, stone, and wood elements, as seen in the wall art and lighting fixtures, vanity counter, tile floor and seashell inspired wallpaper backdrop.

These combination of finds, infused with coastal colors throughout, has us sold on this vanity bath nautical sanctuary space for daily retreats!

And below, the Shower Curtain used to inspired this room design mockup:

Do these colors work to inspired visions of the Caribbean for your vanity bathroom settings? What other elements of nature and coastal life would you add or amend to this look with our Shower Curtain?