Game Night

Been on a Zelda kick lately, with revisiting The Wind Waker series from Nintendo.

This game streamlines the feel for my beach surf decor brand, with it's expansive open world of island hopping to explore, with an endless ocean as a backdrop to this gorgeous world!

So much adventure packed in to this Gamecube/WiiU game that it inspired me to create a lounge themed mood board, featuring some beach style finds for setting up a stylish game room with, as seen below.

Game night is always better with friends, so it's important to have accommodations for your going round for round with your opponent!

To start, I used two tropical style floor pillow accents, inspired by Link's open sea adventures in the Wind Waker:  Caribbean Palm and Green Palms for comfy floor seating.

Of course, you're gonna need another remote. Included are Wii U Gaming Console with a pair of Wii U Pro Controllers, a Flat Screen TV for optimal viewing, sand colored area rug for simulating a beach feel, shelving for all of your 2 player games, industrial style ceiling fan for good ventilation, a low lighting hanging fixture, and matching drinking mugs styled in the Triforce emblem design, the most important treasure to be found!

Personally, I don't own much, in terms of gaming, as I'm pretty casual with the activity. 

However, with a love for the Wind Waker, this is open-world adventure enough for me on a Friday night at home, with or without competition present!

And below, the two Floor Pillows used to inspire this look:

What's your ideal gaming and entertainment room setup? Would you opt for alternative seating arrangements, or even a different themed look altogether?