Staycation Tropico

Can't get away for the weekend? This mood board should have you covered!

I'm a lover of all things beach, and I place a heavy emphasis on showcasing it throughout my beach surf decor line.

Case in point, I'll use by best seller as an example!

My Dark Waters Duvet Cover, whether discovering it for the first time on here or Etsy, plenty has been written on my infamous offering of the sea, done up as a bedding centerpiece and focal point for coastal home stagings!

So, in this mood board room mockup setting, I thought I'd incorporate a few complimenting pieces from around the web to help drive the point further home as to why this is a must-have essential for any lover of the sea!

I have to confess: my very own bedroom is styled up around my deep blue ocean water bedding design, and even if it were to never have any success in the market, I'd love it no less!

If you get a chance to read through my Kind Words section, had down, it's a loved and cherished style among many happy homeowners!

Honestly, you could expand on your bedroom settings as either beach surf or ocean nautical, it's that versatile, in my honest opinion.

I've seen sleeping spaces done up in both ways by some of my favorite clients, and both always take me aback!

Personally, I favor more of the surf inspired look, done up and exampled above.

Surf art is a must for this concept, so it only makes sense to prop up some boards against the walls!

To balance the setting, the inclusion of botanicals, like the palm frond framed print wall hanging, coconut palms accent pillow, stone colored gray area rug through, a mid century styled reading chair, the aged and rough finished look of the end table with drawers, a room lamp and a decorative pineapple for flavor!

If you're missing that beach feel; salt air, sand in your hair, this inspirational interior mockup should have you all set!

And again for reference, our Dark Waters Duvet Cover used as the kickstarting centerpiece to inspired the look and feel of this surf chic bedroom setting:

Does this surf inspired "Staycation Tropico" vibe give you those beach bedroom makeover feels, or would you opt more for a coastal style makeup, incorporating nautical accents for your sleep settings?