Subtle Coasts

For this first entry, we looked to incorporate a coastal style living space that would infuse a calming sense to your interior settings, by complimenting our findings with two pieces from our Throw Pillows collection, with subtle earthly tones found in a color palette in nature.

We wanted to start things off for this series with colors for this initial post inherent to those found along both the coast line of a sea or lake, such as sand, stone and wood. 

For example, as seen above in the room mockup, the birch/pine colored end table with iron framing, a simple and cylindrical glass vase filled with monstera palm clippings, a sofa the color of smooth skipping stones found along a lake or stream, white sand vibrance emanating up from the area rug, a round wicker style coffee table for fun conversations, ocean blue wall art to act as a surreal backdrop for the interiors upon first glance on walking in, and iron style hanging lighting fixtures with exposed bulbs for brightening the setting during the absence of natural light, from dusk until dawn.

And below, the two Throw Pillows used to create this interior look (both clickable images, as well):

Does this color palette do the trick for you? What pieces would you add to or take away from to help enhance with and compliment the look for our paring of Throw Pillows showcased and highlighted here?