The Surfer's Lounge

Imagining a surf style lounge interior setting for your home doesn't have to be too overly thought out!

By implementing aspects of the beach life, it can help to tie in the look. 

Think of earthly elements to incorporate, for example, found objects during strolls along the coastal shorelines, such as wood, sand, stone and water; or at the very least, aspects of these objects in spirit!

For example, our moodboard room interior mockup we're calling "The Surfer's Lounge", featured here below:

Water elements, the color of blue, as seen in our Pool Water 3 Floor Pillow lounge accent, as well as the blue coral watercolor wall art accent.

A surfboard backdrop for hanging, and rustic centerpiece coffee table, both incorporating wood origins in to the mix.

Also, a pair of industrial style metal ceiling fans added for effect, as well as for natural cooling with an inviting flow of air to the space!

A tropical fish frame print, illuminated in a gold flaked style stencil brushed look throughout, as well as a seashell colored reading lap atop a wicker style ottoman/end table!

To top off the room mockup, a couch the color of gray skipping stones, accentuated with our Playa Chen Rio Fleece Blanket throw!

Simple and stylish, but pulls off the look of a surf lounge setting for your beach style home interiors and settings!

And of course, our lounge and bedding decor accents used in this mockup are available here:

Does this lounge room mockup impression give you that beach vibe feel? What other elements would you implement or incorporate to reimagine your own Surfer's Lounge settings for your home?