This Is How You Chill

With the summer season upon us in Florida, so too come with it many gray days ahead.

While the rain is a welcoming relief to our coastal surroundings here in the Sunshine State, the foul weather calls for staying indoors a good amount of the time. 

So as I sit here under a gray sky, writing this entry, I thought it fitting to present a lounge style beach interior room inspo mood board mockup setting, be it an imagined space for reading, gaming or even Netflix binging!

Sticking with gray elements, some recent findings gathered here to present an idea chill space for your homestay settings!

Pining for the beach, I started with my Black Palms Wall Tapestry as a fitting backdrop to give the space that coastal home feel. 

Neutral elements to help tie the look up can be found in such earthly colored elements as comfy stone colored bean bag chair, wood and iron end table for resting your favorite coffee mug on, geometric potted succulents for adding a touch of nature to the look, cylindrical room lighting in a black lamp fixture, and overhead palms style ceiling fan for good ventilation within this imagine space!

All in all, a subtle color palette of interior findings symbolic of stormy days, while at the same time keeping with a beach life feel for your home interior settings!

And below, the Black Palms Wall Tapestry accent as the starting point for this lounge space look:

How do you implement a beach style chill space for home interior settings? Would you stick to a subtle color palette, or incorporate brighter beach colors to tie together the look?