Thoughts About Summer

If you need an excuse to spend a gorgeous Spring day outside, you need look no further than our stylized mood board of outdoor & patio findings!

Pool or no pool, your backyard settings should be a sanctuary for exterior retreat, and we've gathered together here some complimenting pieces to help create look while gearing up for the Summer break!

With outdoor furnishing and seating accents, we started with our Caribbean Palm Outdoor Throw Pillow as our project swatch for this, centered below!

Whether a large or small backyard floor plan to work with, you're going to need to seating!

Maybe you prefer a swing style setting, where you can rope off and hang a rattan chair from a sturdy branch.

Or just like your couch hogging habits, a corner sofa set for you and your guests!

If your backyard lacks any natural shade, an oversized umbrella does just the trick!

Protect your eyes, and always wear sunglasses during bright and sunny days!

If you're making a nightly invitation for welcomed guests, string up some lantern lighting and have table spaces for you and others to place both personal and valuable things!

And below, our Caribbean Palm Outdoor Throw Pillow used to inspired this feel-good patio look:

What's your thoughts on our palette of beach tropical color inspirations for this look? Would you prefer a beach inspired backyard setting, or opt out for something else?