Blue Mandala by Erin Witters - Bath Mat

Blue Mandala by Erin Witters - Bath Mat

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Blue Mandala by Erin Witters, this chic boho style bath mat addition comes highlighted with a pattern of blue mandalas throughout! Available in two different sizes to choose from, this chic rug style bath mat accent adds a vibrant touch of color to your home and bath settings! 

  • Available in 24x17 and 34x21 inches

  • Features a Foam Microfiber Polyester Face Side

  • Finished with a Non-Skid Polyester Back

  • Made to Order and Ready To Ship In 3-10 Business Days!

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About the Artist:

Erin Witters

Erin Witters - Profile Pic.jpg

My whole life has been tied to the Ocean in one way or another. My childhood was spent exploring the Olympic Peninsula: fishing in Sekiu, WA, swimming in the Pacific Ocean or boating the San Juan Island with my Great Grandparents. The Ocean was my first love. It awoken something inside my soul and I felt complete. Then I met my husband who shared a love for the Sea. Fast forward almost 10 years and our two little girls surf with dolphins here on the California Central Coast. 

I have been an artist my whole life and when I decided to start selling my work I didn't want to just sell things. I wanted to inspire others. Loving the Ocean and caring for it and its creatures is important. However, so is loving oneself. With the Ocean as my muse, I create pieces that speak to your soul, inspire you to love oneself and follow your dreams. You are deep and wondrous just like the Ocean.