Casa ID: A Touch of California Cool in this Portuguese Beach Style Minimalist Modern Home

Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura.jpg

A Portuguese modern home dwelling with a feel of Palm Springs living throughout, this minimalist modern beach house style abode adds a touch of "California Cool", via Casa Arquitectura.

The Casa ID House is an inviting infusion of straight lines with free roaming space throughout!

Let's take a look!

Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura4.jpg

Right angles a plenty to greet you along the double staircase entryway path to the front of the home, from windows to fencing, and even jutting out along the rooftops!

Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura10.jpg
Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura11.jpg

Bright natural light emanates through the ceiling to floor window panel wall in the living room, with an open view of the hillside outside! That little pup has the right idea in mind: naps in the sun, all day every day!

Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura12.jpg

Opposite the living room area, the interior opens up to greet you with kitchen and dining amenities, creating one big invitation to home hosting events and meal gatherings with friends and family!

Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura13.jpg

I'm digging the wired frame style bar stool seats with backings, faced with a front row seat to the house chef and all of their makings!

Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura16.jpg
Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura17.jpg

And here's a couple of additional perspective shots to help give you an idea of up close and personal with the kitchen!

Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura19.jpg

Just around the corner, we make way to the laboratory.

Check out those stained wood floor panels!

Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura20.jpg
Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura23.jpg

Pug love wall art to greet you at the wash station, and opposite is the commode and glass door shower stall addition.

Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura21.jpg

And here comes the master bedroom, with plenty of daylight coming in!

I can already see where I'll be staying in bed all day: the natural light makes for a perfect space for work and play from atop the duvet!

Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura24.jpg

Hands down, my favorite part of the Casa ID House: the backyard!

Just look at all of this open space!

Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura25.jpg
Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura26.jpg

A great place for lounging out all day, I see no perfect excuse for not spending the better part of the day outside!

Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura27.jpg

Just look at all of this wonderful open sky at dusk: I can just see the weekend barbecue gatherings yet to take place!

Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura29.jpg
Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura30.jpg

I love being outdoors, and this backyard setting is a perfect invitation for hanging around the house during days off and moments of time, even for a homebody soul like me!

Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura31.jpg

A backyard view of beautiful country all around!

Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura33.jpg

No next door neighbors on either side? 

I can live happily with that!

Casa ID House - Cadi Arquitetura32.jpg