The Plus Hus - Life in a 320 Square Foot Customizable Home

The Plus Hus - Exterior Night Shot.jpg

The Plús Hús (pronounced "Plus House"), a home and living solution originally developed to combat LA's housing crisis, this "home in a box" concept is an excellent example of green living and carbon footprint reduction!

In short, it's a minimalist's dream!

Developed by design firm Minarc, the Plús Hús was created to enact thoughtful spaces and meaningful solutions to wasted space by allowing homeowners to add extra living spaces to their property. 

Their story reads:

"Plús Hús is a simple, efficient, multi-purposable structure design to let anyone easily add an affordable, environmentally responsible space to their property that minimized wasted energy and environmental impact."

The Plús Hús is a full package deal for any homeowner looking to add additional living or working quarters to empty or unused additional yard space, granted they have an additional 20 square feet lying vacant within their lot setting.

Below are a collection of gathered interior and exterior shots of the Plús Hús in action. 

The option to go between a guest house look and home office workspace setting from the comforts of home is enticing enough for us to imagine welcomed seasonal changes that will keep things fresh in this box style minimalist space addition for years to come!

The Plus Hus - Interior Bedroom.jpg

Clean and straight lines all around!

The Plus Hus - Interior Kitchen Angled.jpg

An open space setting of kitchen cabinetry and breakfast style dining and seating!

The Plus Hus - Interior Kitchen.jpg

Cabinets flush against the wall!

The Plus Hus - Exterior Porch.jpg

A quaint miniature porch space with house plant and rocker style seating!

The Plus Hus.jpg

Single dwelling living, tucked in a box!

The Plus Hus - Interior Angled Bedroom.jpg

A minimalist vibe, functional and purposeful; open paths direct throughout the limited living space.

The Plus Hus - Interior Workspace.jpg

You can opt for a home office look, as seen here with table and chair workspace where the bed was positioned from previous images. 

The Plus Hus - Interior Workspace Angled.jpg

And here's another shot of that executive workspace, with a coffee table and area rug layout that's perfect for setting up small face-to-face meetings with!

The Plus Hus - Interior Bathroom and Dining Area Peak.jpg

A quick glance at the commode, with glass panel shower stall tucked off to the side, as well as some decorative framed landscape photography to liven up the walls with!

The Plus Hus - Kitchen Close Up.jpg

A closer look at the tiny kitchen space: do you like fresh cut citrus with your hot tea?

The Plus Hus - Interior Lounge Space Setting.jpg

You can give this space a bungalow style look, filling it with various seating options to create a tucked away lounge space setting for gatherings with if you're interested in moving meet-ups away from the main house!

The Plus Hus - Interior Dining.jpg

If you need to find a quite place for deep thinking and focus, this space seems ideal for alone time!

The Plus Hus - Straight On Exterior Night Shot.jpg

A perfect "pool house"  addition, bringing the Plús Hús in to your empty yard space settings makes absolute sense!

Image + Content Credits: Plus Hus