VSCO Spotlight: Aleksandar Jason

vsco_081017 - Aleksandar Jason.jpg

This is a first in what I'd like to be a reoccurring theme through regular posts for my evolving journal.

If you've been following my Instagram feed, you may have caught on or noticed that I use a stylized filter preset for many of my posted photographs, courtesy of a handy little photographers app called VSCO, or otherwise known in its elongated form as Visual Supply Company

I'm a fan of the C3 filter preset, preferably!

I use VSCO as the starting point for all of my lifestyle shot edits for the instagram feed, and conveniently tweak the raws from my iPhone before publishing fresh content, roughly posting about 4-5 images spread as a post per day throughout the week.

Anyways, enough of that.

What I love about using VSCO (besides the awesome presets included in the app to choose from) is that it celebrates the art of photography through its engaged user community, filled with a passioned collaborative of artists and artisans, who utilize the photo filter app medium to share their works with the world of VSCO throughout the platform.  

I get regular recommendations from the platform of other photographers to follow, and today I'd like to highlight a recent addition to my growing list. 

So in my first VSCO Spotlight post, I'd like to share with you a handful of works by Aleksandar Jason, whose drone photographs of coastal and forest landscapes I'm particularly in admiration of. 


vsco_071817 - Aleksandar Jason.jpg
vsco_070917 - Aleksandar Jason.jpg
vsco5a6068887466b - Aleksandar Jason.jpg
vsco_011917 - Aleksandar Jason.jpg
vsco5a57169bad581 - Aleksandar Jason.jpg
vsco_071817-1 - Aleksandar Jason.jpg