Beach Cottage Chic In This Nature Inspired Australian Home

Kara Roselund.jpg

When we launched this business over five years ago from our Florida settings, with offering our line of beach and surf style home decor accents, a big portion of our client base and audience growth over time has come from the Australian Coast!

And why not?

It has some seriously wicked surf, and we discovered that we had a dedicated international audience for our niche!

For that, we're extremely blessed.

But enough of that.

I mentioned in a previous post that I pin a lot.

I'm not kidding.

So in bringing up my mentioning of the great Australian outback, I wanted to spend today's post writing about a recent pin I discovered from my feed, a home celebrated by weathered and rustic finds, via artist Kara Roselund by way of Niki Brantmark and her blog My Scandanavian Home.

The original blog post article can be found here.

I've been drawn to the look of this rustic beach chic home setting through my read, and wanted to share with you some of the interior highlights that caught my attention!

Kara Roselund7.jpg

Sand and wood infused inspiration to greet you at the entryway, some chic additions consisting of wicker style market baskets and stained wood furnishings throughout the main hall. 

Kara Roselund8.jpg

And again, the wicker baskets, with the addition of spring style straw hats against a lovely white washed wood panel strip wall passageway.

Kara Roselund5.jpg

Boho infused outdoors coastal inspo, with a vivid landscape framed wall art addition of snow capped mountaintops and freshwater river valleys below, displayed atop a lovely arrangement of rustic accent pillows!

I spy a beach touch over the painted wood coffee table with an abundance of gathered seashells!

Kara Roselund6.jpg

And a closeup of the centerpiece bowl, filled to the brim with speckled seashells throughout!

Kara Roselund4.jpg

A touch of cottage chic living in this farmhouse style open space kitchen setting! Cups full of wood stirring spoons and fresh cut flowers!

Kara Roselund2.jpg

And just look at that whitewashed wood panel board flooring!

Kara Roselund3.jpg

I'm digging the addition of all of these hanging antiquated cooking utensils throughout!

Kara Roselund13.jpg

Breath in the fresh open air with this backyard patio dining area seating arrangement, with wood table and wicker bench seating on all four sides!

Perfect for hosting guests!

Kara Roselund11.jpg

This tiny corner bathroom with clawfoot tub looks like ever the more reason to call it a day!

Kara Roselund10.jpg

And my favorite part of the home: the bedroom!

Sprinkled with rustic finds throughout, I'm especially smitten over the faux headboard of curved top cottage window frames popping up from behind

Do you Air BnB? We're on our way!

Images + Content Credits: Niki Brantmark + Kara Roselund